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Maria Sheriff

Maria Sheriff, pornographic and advertising model, born in Guildford, Surrey, UK, May 12, 1973. Little is known of his private life, but between their hobbies and recreations are music, television and gymnastics; who likes good food, sunny places and sympathetic men, you want to have a lot of money, to continue living in their country and be happy; she hates rich snobs and muscular men. On the sentimental, she was married to businessman Mark Blackburn, CEO of Eye Candy Art Group on June 10, 2011. No doubt this will cause great disappointment among its admirers, but that this does not the sadden, because Maria has given us a broad portfolio, where she delivers all of us.

In some websites it is mentioned that she studied psychology, information that is not entirely proven. On the issue of the journal Interviú January 2001, mentions that she wanted to enter Scotland Yard to become police: "She was already about to chocked the boots, helmet and uniform all, when happily retired from duty in a any police station, for a scouting who put her to make several announcements and music videos".1

As advertising model has graced the covers of magazines: Fastcar Interviú, Max Power and Xnet. He has also done several calendars and catalogs such as the Crossbow Calendar Motocylce 1998, plus it has its eye on magazines such as FHM, Maxim, Revs, Shows, Hair and Beauty. Importantly, Maxim magazine placed it among the 100 sexiest women in the early 90's. The highlight of his work in this area was a commercial for the Dow Jones company, promoting the association's financial services to attract new investors, showing everything related to indicators, units, cumulative values​​, prices, etc.. , dressed in suit, seriously, with great grace and provision, as if he knew about economics. The company stock was completely satisfied with their work.

In the world of pornography, his career began at the age of 20 years, appearing in the pages of the magazine Knave, Volume 25, Number 9, 1993, and had his first cover in number 8, volume 29 of the Mayfair known publication 1994, with Lana Cox. Starting this year, has posed for magazines such as: Bumper Sex, Chic, Club –Confidential, Couples y USA–, Derriere, Ele Ela, Electric Blue, Eros, Escort, Fiesta, Fox, Gallerie, Hawk, Knave, Leg Show, Live Youg Girls, Lovebirds, Men Only, Mens World, Model Directoty, Panther, Parade, Penthouse, Playbirds, Playboy –Lingerie y UK– Raider, Ravers –Summer Special y Christmas Special–, Razzle, Rustler, Seventeen, Sexy's Traumgrils Spicy Sport, Summer, Swank Confidential, Teazer –Bottoms Up y Christmas Especial–, Titsbits International, Tow Blue y Whitehouse.

In addition to this extensive work within the men's magazines, it is important to mention that in the UK tabloids, it is common on page three of them a beautiful model appears topless. Maria Sheriff was a Page 3 Girl of the newspapers The Sun and Daily Star from 1997 to 2002, thanks to which she convitió a favorite of many readers, attracted probably by its slender, delicate figure, his deep blue eyes and his natural sympathy . Is there a better way to start the day with a cup of coffee and a beautiful girl like Maria on page three of your favorite newspaper?

She has also worked for various agencies pornographic and erotic as: AdultEyeCandy, Auntjudys, BlowMonkey, British Centerfold, Dazglam, Fantasy Girls, GirlsUK, Hardcorecafe, Megastar, Perfect 10, Only-Opaques, Only-Secretaries, Onlytease, Paul Markham Teens, Stockings Babes, Twistys, Viv Thomas y UK Belles. Some of these agencies have already disappeared. The type of work she does is softcore, posing alone or alongside pornstars like: Adele Stevens, Helen Robinson, Lana Cox, Louise Hodges, Lynda Leigh, Michelle Toolly, Natasha Lester, Sammy Marshall, Sharon Mackintosh, Susanna Francesca, Teresa May, Tracey Coleman, etc. Are almost no series of photography where the is accompanied by a male.

The Work as a porn model of Maria Sheriff can easily be classified into three distinct stages.The first correspond the start of his career, from 1993 to 1999, largely contained in the various journals published between these years. It is characterized by being much more daring, because she makes full nude, in a voluptuous pose, unafraid to show the most intimate of its attractive body, and performs simulation series where lesbian relationships. The agencies that may be mentioned in this period are: Auntjudys, BlowMonkey, Paul Markham Teens, Stockings Babes, Viv Thomas y UK Belles.

This was changed in the second stage of his career as a pornstar, ranging from 2000 to 2006, since it the series improved in quality, with sets and costumes more carefully selected. Continued doing full nudity, but the series where poses form lewd decreased, while were appearing rather sensual sequences where only comes out topless. The sets in which would simulate lesbian relationships disappear entirely. All this work is the product of the agencies: British Centerfold, Dazglam, Fantasy Girls, GirlsUK, Hardcorecafe y Twistys.

The last period of his work comprises of the 2007 to date. To him belong the series that have recently appeared on Only-Opaques, Only-Secretaries and Onlytease. These sequences are of great quality in resolution and have as important features, the approach fetishistic for stockings, pantyhose and lingerie, the executive or glamorous costumes, and office uniforms, schoolgirl or maid, as well as partial nudity topless.

Apparently his career as a pornstar has come to an end, and though we wish that the presence of Maria Sheriff in the world of pornography continues still long, she has decided to spend the other side of the camera and has begun a career as a photographer. We are confident that this new facet will be as successful as it has been being a model. All your fans will be always pending and desirous of her to return to pose for the cameras and show us his divine attributes.


1León García Mortensen, "The most profitable investment: Maria Sheriff", Interviú (January 2001), p. 36.

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